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Tumeric & Ginger pickle ingredientsTumeric & Ginger cubedTumeric & Ginger pickle

Tremendous Turmeric

*Calms nerves
*Purifies and cleanses the body
*boosts immunity
*Helps digestion and relieves gas

Topically used
*Spot prevention

I must confess fresh turmeric, which is part of the Zingiberaceae (ginger) family, is something I’m only starting to embrace more-so now…having spotted it a few weekends ago whilst ‘exotic’ food shopping. A past time I relish often. The benefits of turmeric first came to light when my cousin’s father sadly got cancer – his amazing dedicated son moved heaven and earth looking for everything possible to alleviate the symptoms and potentially stop it in its tracks. As he was in Cyprus, I brought over various supplements for him, notably turmeric capsules. Although not concrete, evidence from studies has shown the main active ingredient in turmeric; curcumin or diferuloyl methane, could help treat cancer. Research states there are low rates of certain types of cancer in countries where people eat curcumin at levels of roughly 100 to 200 mg a day over long periods of time. Now my cousin sprinkles it on everything from eggs in the morning to his tea tonic at night. For me, turmeric is synonymous with him. However, we never made a pickle from it, this is a more Asian utilisation which captures the benefits and boosts the flavour superbly. Turmeric also known as haldi, is so important in Asian traditions, there is a wedding ceremony centered around it, where the bride and groom are covered in its vibrant yellow paste to ward off evil spirits.

Here’s my recipe for you to enjoy…

Perfectly Healthy Fresh Lemon, Ginger And Turmeric Pickle

Can be served with grilled meats, fish, your favourite curry or anything you fancy, no rules…experiment and treat your body to something beneficial…

First peel and cut up into small chunks around 1/2 inch each – the fresh turmeric and ginger. Next, place into a kilner jar with a generous pinch of lemon sea salt flakes. Squeeze enough fresh lemons to produce juice to cover the ginger and turmeric completely. Close the kilner jar and give it a little shake. Allow to infuse over night – it is ready to use. Lasts up to 3 months in the fridge.

Tumeric & Ginger pickle ingredients

Tumeric & Ginger cubed

Tumeric & Ginger pickle

Other Turmeric Tips

*Make a Turmeric Tea Tonic – bring to the boil a 4 inch cube of fresh turmeric and ginger with 1 litre water, simmer for 15 minutes, add a dollop of honey to taste along with the juice of 1 lemon, strain into mugs, drink immediately.
*Add fresh turmeric to your juicer whenever you next get juicing. Fresh carrot, lemon juice and a spoonful of your favourite honey makes for a tasty combo
*Simply eat slices now and then to aid good health
*Make a turmeric lemonade by following the tea tonic recipe above, after straining, allow to cool and drink cold.

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