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What a rush, since my book launch on the 11th Dec, it’s been all go…A long time coming, and then it was Christmas Day and then New Year! The weeks have flown by. I wanted to share some photographs and a few words starting with the launch event. Firstly I want to thank the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre London, who provided the venue for my launch on recommendation from the supportive Turkish Cypriot embassy, who also donated some yummy traditional Cypriot zeytini (olive breads) and helimli (cheese breads) – delicious. A big thank you to my family and friends who helped on the night – I really appreciated it. The night was even more lemony due to so many talented companies contributing by giving my guests generous samples of their delicious lemon based artisan products. We had luscious Luscombe lemonade, The Fudge Kitchen yummy Yasemen’s Lemony Ginberry Cake Fudge, handmade Libertine Chocolates, refreshing tea from Eilles Tee, chocolate bars from Seed & Beans, zesty cakes from Honeybuns, lemony puddings from Glamour Puds, tasty lemon curd from Moordale Foods, citrusy olive oil from The Olive Oil Co and warming tangy drinks from FruitBroo.

The day after the launch I set up a Lemon Compendium display in The Prince’s Trust’s Tomorrow Store, which I urge you to go in and check out some unique produce from a selection of their entrepreneurs.

Twice since the launch, I have been in Notting Hill Books for Cooks: one of my absolute fav bookshops in London, to promote and sign copies of my books.

The 23rd December was a benchmark for me. As a Windsor resident, many a time (to prevent feeling a lonely author) I would sit and write my book in local cafes, often walking past Waterstones and thinking…One day…And it happened! I had my very own book signing night, promoting to the locals with a backdrop of carol singing brownies adorned with bright lemon scarves, Yasemen’s Lemony Ginberry Fudge samples, lemon sherbets and lemon drizzle cake. A tasty night indeed.

Last but not least, I have launched my website, as you know, because you are reading on it now… BUT watch this space as I blog about a multitude of cuisines & travel and watch as my online shop grows, featuring my own range of lemonlicious products (starting off with a unique chocolate bar). Here you will have the opportunity to purchase direct from my shop, my products, along with an array of handpicked artisan produce, spanning from lemon popcorn to lemon pasta.

A big thank you to Anjam Haling (Soni Studios) and Burak Gulsen (Londra Gazete) for taking pics at my book launch.

I am always interested in collaborating and hearing from people who have recipes to share, lemon stories – how do you use lemon?! questions, or indeed if you make a fantastic lemon based product and you would like it featured in my shop. Please do get in contact.

Thought I would leave you with one of my fav lemon jokes:

Why did the lemon disapprove of his daughter?

Because she was a little tart!

In the meantime, a VERY Happy Lemony New Year, to you all!!!



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