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Beat work stress in Courchevel

AS FEATURED IN... IoD 99 Yasemen Kaner-White reveals her method of combating entrepreneurial pressures, ramping up her stress-busting efforts with a trip to Courchevel. Whether or not you work for yourself, work can override, making it hard to mentally switch off. Personally, with a mind too busy for traditional meditation, I break the cycle with a long walk surrounded by people and immersed in nature. Recently I decided to ramp up my outdoor exploits and learn a new activity to re-focus my energies ... Read more

Kinloch in Scotland

Here's my latest piece for Riverside Journals magazine, about Kinloch Lodge in Scotland: Other-worldly Kinloch Lodge nurtures the gourmand in you, soothing you... (more…) Read more

Treat your palate in Patara

Being half Turkish Cypriot, I have a vested interest in learning as much as I can about the Turkish culture, that’s why the ‘Patara’ stand, at the recent ‘Destinations’ event held in London, caught my eye. I’d never heard of the town Patara before. Little did I know, that the birthplace of the real Santa Claus – St Nicholas, home to only nomads up until 25 years ago and the longest, most stunning white-sandy beach in the entire Mediterranean, would leave ... Read more

Cuisine Scene in South Africa

South Africa My To Eat List Bobotie - considered the national dish, fruity curried mince with an egg custard topping Braai - South African for BBQ - synonymous with their culture Biltong - cured dried raw meat Boerewors - sausages Pap - mielie-meal, similar to polenta, crumbly harder version; Krummelpap Chakalaka - spicy vegetables Bunny Chow - a bread loaf filled with meat curry Vetkoek - fried dough bread filled with beef mince Koeksister - doughnuts soaked in lemony syrup Springbok & ... Read more
Tumeric & Ginger pickle ingredientsTumeric & Ginger cubedTumeric & Ginger pickle

Turmeric is the natural answer…

Tremendous Turmeric Ingested *Anti-inflammatory *Calms nerves *Purifies and cleanses the body *boosts immunity *Helps digestion and relieves gas Topically used *Exfoliating *Antiseptic *Spot prevention I must confess fresh turmeric, which is part of the Zingiberaceae (ginger) family, is something I’m only starting to embrace more-so now...having spotted it a few weekends ago whilst ‘exotic’ food shopping. A past time I relish often. The benefits of turmeric first came to light when my cousin’s father sadly got cancer - his amazing dedicated son moved heaven and earth looking for everything possible to alleviate the ... Read more

What is mouthwatering Molohiya, apart from my Favourite meal in the whole wide world?

Molohiya is both the name of the meal and the leaves, best described as akin to spinach although that really doesn't do it justice. It’s not uncommon for the floors of Cypriot village houses to be scattered with fresh molihiya leaves (naturally laying on a clean sheet!) left to dry. However, the leaves can also be bought already dried in bags from most supermarkets in Cyprus and Arabic countries, as well as from similar shops found in London. Long hot summer ... Read more

More reasons why everyone should love lemons…

Colour therapist Lilian Verner-Bonds from the International Association of Colour (iac-colour.co.uk) says “the key colour to focus on when pursuing happiness is yellow. Yellow is connected to the mind: it controls the intellect, it beckons you to get your priorities right. Yellow reminds you – ‘as you think, so you become’”. So – eat yellow food (lemons), wear yellow and decorate with yellow (I am thinking a beautiful bowl of lemons?!)... There isn’t much hard science relating to how different colours affect ... Read more

My book launch & a few of the events which followed…

What a rush, since my book launch on the 11th Dec, it’s been all go...A long time coming, and then it was Christmas Day and then New Year! The weeks have flown by. I wanted to share some photographs and a few words starting with the launch event. Firstly I want to thank the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre London, who provided the venue for my launch on recommendation from the supportive Turkish Cypriot embassy, who also donated some yummy traditional ... Read more